Ready-Made Companies

A ready-made company (or shelf company) is a preregistered company which can be used to start trading immediately. Choosing a ready-made company reduces the time it takes to setup a company in the country and makes it possible to avoid certain inconveniences, such as returning mail, for example. A ready-made company is generally a new company, whereas a shelf company may be a company which has been registered for a number of years making it possible to benefit from enhanced commercial credibility.

World Fiduciary Offshore can provide you with preregistered companies that have existed for between one month and ten years, with or without an associated bank account and EU VAT number (if required).

We have preregistered companies in the following jurisdictions :

Advantages of Ready-Made Companies:

  • Begin trading immediately.
  • If the shelf company was established some time before it may add commercial credibility which is reassuring for your clients.
  • You can obtain an EU VAT number immediately.
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